Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organize Schmorganize

I'm finally feeling like New Year is kicking in here.  After the week of pukes and trying to recover from that, finally taking down our Christmas tree and beginning to feel put back together.  Although my Christmas cards are still sitting on my desk because the post office just wasn't in the cards amidst last week's illness, they will go. Will.  Who doesn't love "fun" mail instead of bills?  Best of intentions.

That being said, I'm working on improving organizational skills this year.  I'm devising a plan to enlist the help of the family members who contribute to the mess before they become hoarders.  Seriously, every single piece of paper that Reagan wants to keep and every toy package that Andrew thinks he needs. I've had it. They're so good about their after school routine and accomplishing their chores and homework without even being told, but the aftermath of having to pick up after them, I am over. I just simply cannot keep up. And I shouldn't have to.  With the holidays and sickness and traveling, we've gotten lax about it.  No more. When next week begins, things will be back in order and back in place.  Beds will be made, clothes will not be thrown all over the floor when the hamper is right next to where they get dropped.

I'm working on trying new recipes.  I'm seriously sick and tired of eating the same things over and over again and having a super picky husband makes for annoying cooking sometimes.  I love him, but sheesh. Last week I was super frustrated about it amidst the sick and told him that if he didn't like it he could fix himself something or go eat at 3pm with his parents.  ha!  Such is the life of the wife.  Finding stuff HE likes is hard. Some nights I make him something different than the kids and I eat.  So much for the "this isn't a restaurant" idea.  Stubborn as a stone.  My in real life friend Julie at White Lights on Wednesday is QUEEN of delving into recipes and she's so great about posting them! So, I've been bookmarking some of her posts to try too! Check her out.  I love her!  She'll be glad to know she's helping expand the tastes of a picky eater. ;)

I lovelovelove my Erin Condren life planner and it's tremendous in keeping all of the appointments and scheduling for my family of 5 straight. I'm working on going through old magazines and pulling out the articles, recipes and activities I want and dumping the rest of the magazine. 

Things are finally moving right along in the organizational avenue. 

Now, if I could just get my thoughts from being so scattered to a little more organized, then maybe I could catch up on my journaling.  Yeah, that'd be nice for once. :)

Finally getting rid of the last of the pine needles helps with focus. Next up, coupon organization.  For those of you who did not get last week's paper, there were a TON of coupon inserts with good coupons. I ended up getting six papers, so I need to get them all filed in my binder.

Tonight's supper is beef stroganoff.  Yumaroosky!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Thanks for the shout out lady! :)

    Mike is a pretty picky eater too. I HATE making the same things all the time. We have foavorites and that's fine, but I need some rotation in the recipes. I've told to him suck it up and try everything I make. And in return I promised to tweak recipes for him and let him pick what I'm making from "the list" on a given night.

    Tell the Mr. if he doesn't want what you're cooking that he's on his own. ;)

  2. I totally have a VERY picky husband too. Hes gotten a lot better since we first started dating though. Good luck with all your new recipes. :)

  3. I am the picky one in this its a good thing that I do most of the cooking ;)

  4. I'm the picky one. Wait, I'm supposed to cook? Who needs recipes when you have a microwave!Haha Anyway, totally with you on the organization. It's my new year resolution too! I'm getting much accomplished, even though it doesn't look too much like it just yet. I feel better already.

  5. Wow, look at you taking this year by storm!!

    I want to do many of the things you listed here, but don't find much enjoyment in cooking for one. That just means more evenings filled with guac :)

    I also am trying to get way more organized, and though I wanted an Erin Condren planner, trying to keep my eye on the budget until I get another job. I did get a planner (from Walmart, not nearly as cool!!) and I feel more organized and on top of the game. I can't imagine how you organize a family of five!!

    Always thinking of you, pretty lady, and I hope that you have a fantastic weekend!!


  6. Good for you!
    My husband is picky, too, and it drives me crazy. He won't eat anything with vegetables!
    I'm following along on your friend's blog now. She does have some good recipes!