Friday, January 13, 2012

Daddy & Daughter Date

One of the activities Reag was excited to participate in when she came to live with us full-time was Brownies. She missed out in first grade and we assured her that we'd make it happen this year. She LOVES it!  Cookies for sale...if you're interested. :) 

Some of the amazing events they have upcoming include an overnight at the Pittsburgh Zoo/PPG Aquarium and a camping trip!  Seriously, how AWESOME to be able to spend the night at the zoo! She's such an animal lover too! We're excited for her about it! It's around her birthday, so she's even said that's what she wants for her be able to go. 

When Andrew was in first grade, his class--which was a multi-age class (1st, 2nd, 3rd grade)--had a Phoenix Zoo sleepover. I chaperoned. IT. WAS. INCREDIBLE!  Once in a lifetime experience. I'm so glad he was able to do that and I'm so hopeful Reag will too.

Most of her activities with scouts are on the weekends and she's with BM and isn't allowed to attend, so Reag's hopeful that BM will let her participate in some of these events.
Last night Reagan was an activity for Brownies that she for certain could attend because it was on "our time".  I laugh at that because for real, it's not "ours", it's Reagan's time.

The girls were going on a parent/daughter date to see Charlotte's Web with the Children's Theater. 
Reagan and George had a date. ♥
This was Reag's first event like this and she wasn't quite sure what to expect.  It's interesting to watch her process and proceed into something she's unsure of, cautiously. Sometimes she's chatters incessently and other times she's really quiet about it.  Last night she chattered.  Even after they left, she kept heytell messaging me on Daddy's phone to chat. I was cracking up.  George said she talked the whole way there too. :)

They sat with friends from her class and her troop and the girls discussed upcoming birthdays and parties hoping Reag will be able to attend some of those on weekends too until the play began.

She walked in the door beaming...and showed me her program. "I got it signed by everyone!" She knows Charlotte's Web is my favorite children's book and it was wonderful to see how excited she was to share it.

"It was REALLY funny!"

Happy girl on her first real date with her daddy. ♥


  1. That is so exciting! Charlottes web was one of my favorite books growing up. Such cute pictures!

  2. The overnight trip to the zoo sounds amazing!
    I didn't forget about the cookies...just forgot to ask Grant. ;) Will get back to you soon!
    I love the daddy/daughter picture!

  3. that is awesome! i sure hope she gets to have her zoo sleepover for her birthday!