Friday, January 27, 2012

Checking Out 18 Months

18 months.

One and a half years.

More than half way to two.

Wednesday, we headed to the doctor for Lily's 18 month well visit.

I always love well visits to see how much she weighs, how tall she is, and to hear her pediatrician gush all over and about her. 
She weighs in at 24 pounds, she's 32.5 inches tall, and she has a head circumference of 48cm. That translates to 50% for weight, 75% for height and 90% for head. :)  She got two shots, which, of course she doesn't love.

She showed off lots of her skills to Dr. Kelly to prove she's developmentally appropriate. Everything else looks great too as far as her health. She's perfect. ;)   We discussed potty training and how we're going to approach that. To be introduced soon based on Lily's actions.

Lily is a milk drinker. I mean a MILK drinker. She wants more milk ALL.DAY.LONG. I wanted to be sure we're not giving her too much.  Turns out  she drinks slightly more than what's recommended, but we're doing the right thing to counter the potential constipation that could result, so it balances out and she's doing great! Her growth curve is right on track for her.

Our visit was short and sweet.

Lily is growing and doing very well. Barring no sick visits, we're not back to the doctor until she is two for a well child check up. Two?  slow down baby girl!


  1. Look at her outfit. So precious!! Hayls was a big milk drinker too and still is, to some extent. Her weight,height stats are great;) she is really cute!

  2. 1.5 years! Slow down baby girl