Wednesday, July 31, 2013

3 Year Visit to the Doc

Continuing our celebration of  threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Lily had her 3 year well visit this week with our favorite pediatrician!  I love well visits to the doctor! Love to see how much my kids have grown.  :)

Our sweet Lily was very serious throughout this appointment which is very different than her typical joyful, rambunctious self.  She was still kind and polite and very sweet every time she spoke to anyone. But yeah, serious. haha

Lily measured 38.5 inches tall which is the 90th percentile and weighed 33 pounds which is 75%.  It's consistent with how she's been growing the majority of her life.  As Dr. Kelly and I were talking about height, she looked up some info and Lily is the height of an average 4 1/2 year old!  I knew she was tall, but whoa.
Lily apparently was done listening to her doctor and I discuss potty training, height, eating habits etc. and said to Dr. Kelly, "Can you listen to my heartbeat, please?"    It made me laugh!  So, we moved onto the physical part of her visit. 

Lily asked for her eyes to be checked out again and then wanted to check out Blue's eyes too. She was very thorough. Thank you, Dr. Lily.

She is growing perfectly! Active, confident, verbal, intelligent, capable.  Lily told Dr. Kelly she loves Daniel Tiger, twirling, singing and her daddy.  She is healthy and that simply makes me happy. 
I'm so grateful to LOVE her pediatrician and she was exactly what even I needed in Lily's early weeks when we struggled with her gaining weight, with her jaundice.  We're so grateful to have found her!  Next time we see her {hopefully} will either be for a flu shot or for the new baby's early visit depending on when the baby arrives in October. :) 
Here's an early picture of them when Lily was just 2 months old...
...and 4 months old.


  1. She looked so pretty in her pink dress!
    I honestly haven't seen many pictures of infant Lily. I love the two you posted!!!!

  2. Such a pretty girl! Your ped's office looks like fun! I love that you take pictures of her interacting with the nurses/doctors!

  3. Awh how sweet that you have the other two pictures too! =) XO

  4. so serious! she is such a little beauty!!