Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Party Day!

In our final installment of our sweet Lily turning 3 years old, we had her birthday party this past Sunday.  It was a perfect weather day!  We've been having this fall-like stretch of cooler temperatures and no humidity--sleeping with the windows open at night and daytimes filled with sunshine, but not suffocating heat.  Birthday party day was no exception!

Party prep at 29 weeks pregnant is no easy feat.  Definitely much slower moving which made things take a thousand times longer haha.  

Lily has long loved Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood! You know, as long as a just turned 3 year old can love something to be considered "long."   So, when it came time to decide on a party theme, I knew this was it!  Although, there is literally nothing out there Daniel Tiger wise, so this was all to figure out on my own.

I found a handful of other moms who created some Daniel Tiger stuff on Pinterest, so I had a jumping off point of ideas.  Thankfully.

Back in March, on Mr. Rogers' birthday, we went to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and I was able to capture the best picture of Lily in her Daniel Tiger shirt with her Mr. Rogers sweater on Trolley and absolutely knew I would be using it for her invitation four months later!

What I had envisioned and hoped for on party day was a relaxing day of eating lunch and cake, letting kids play and relaxing in our backyard with friends.  A very low-key party.  It's exactly what it turned out to be.  It made me so happy to see all these kids I love playing and running around while their parents, our friends, chatted and laughed and relaxed.

The cake was a "give it a whirl" off of a picture of Daniel Tiger's face.  Lily knew what it was and that was all that mattered. ;)   She also requested pink cupcakes, so I created some cupcake tags to connect Daniel Tiger and it allowed me to include the other characters she loves so much too.

The kids played and we all ate before it was time to sing "Happy Birthday" and have cake. Lily was excited about her birthday party for weeks about her friends coming and having balloons and cake, so watching her wait patiently as we sang happy birthday, just content was sweet. 

She and Daddy cut the cake~ they've done that together each year which I love so much. 

I wanted to get a picture of all the kids which turned out to be pure comedy with the little ones!  The big kids did exactly what they were supposed to do because their mamarazzi mamas have taught them well. The little ones are still learning. This was the best shot I got and we're still missing a kid! I can't wait to see what shots everyone else captured.

The day was happy, relaxed and went perfectly along with what I had envisioned it to be. Thank you, friends, both big and small for coming to celebrate our Lily!

 Happy 3rd birthday, Lily! We love you so much!



  1. What a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
    Awesome decorations, a happy birthday girl, and big kids who are good sports for the little ones! Good work, Mama!

  2. Happy Birthday Lily! You did a great job on her cake! And I'm impressed at how well the theme carried through! I am a total party failure. My kids are lucky just to get presents!! :0)

  3. The party was perfect and the kids had a great time. (as seen in the pic of my kids passed out in the car)

    You rocked the decorations! xoxo

  4. Everything looks amazing!!!!!

  5. How cute, had to come over from the other Stephanie's blog to see. Have a great day!! XO

  6. everything was great....we had lots of fun!!! thanks for letting us celebrate w. you all!!! xoxo