Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

St. Patrick's Day isn't one of those gift holidays in our house, but a little green milk with breakfast, some paper shamrock plates to have our supper on and it makes me happy to celebrate this day with my little family.

When Andrew was little, we'd have green scrambled eggs for breakfast or green pancakes.  This year, I opted for a run for green doughnuts with my Lily love.  She's a total doughnut girl, so this was perfect! She was excited about her green milk after inquisitively looking into her cup.

Violet turned 5 months old on her 1st St. Pat's Day which was exciting to nobody, but me! haha  Remember all her firsts are my lasts...so I'm celebrating them all. :)
I donned my girls in some of their luckiest clothes for the day too, of course. Andrew wore green too, though he kept his hoodie on all day at school. Reagan didn't wear green...bummer for her.

Lily also called it "Paddrick's Day" which I love and her shirt had "paddricks" on it too. 

No one was excited about having corned beef brisket for supper, so I compromised and planned on our version of reuben sandwiches for supper along with some pierogies.  I told George we'll call them Studdards.  Reubens minus the kraut and thousand island.  This will only be funny to us because we remember dumb stuff, but totally us!  Lily and I made pre-cut-out shamrock cookies for dessert. She loves to bake and I wanted easy.

After supper, Lily worked on a treat for her preschool class for the next day.

Easy peasy stuff to do to make another day special for my family.  That makes me happy!


  1. Super cute!!! St. Patrick's Day treats?! You are such a school teacher! Nice printing Lily!!!

  2. Cute! I was totally not feeling the holiday this year and was a dud. Next year I will have to participate and get the kids involved!

  3. Hey, now, Violet's 5th month is special to me, too! Love her. And you. And them!
    I'm glad you had a nice day!