Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We're Going on an Egg Hunt

This past weekend we went to our township's annual Easter egg hunt.  This was Lily's 3rd one and Violet's first.   Violet's participation was simply for photos, of course. Andrew, of course, is always there as a sister helper.

The last two years it's been really cold, so we were thrilled when the weather called for a warm, sunny, finally Spring day!  Lily was excited to get started, waiting patiently for the signal to go find her eggs.

And she was off and running!  Each participant is supposed to get 12 eggs and then turn them in for a goodie bag.  We let her get Violet's as well.  Since it's hard to tell a kid to stop at 12 eggs when the fun is finding them and putting them in the basket, we just toss anymore than the 12 eggs back out into the field. :)

Lily's hunting this year was very specific.  All pink. 

There actually were a ton of other people there, but we go way out in the field so Lily has room to run and I don't end up with a bunch of strangers in my pictures. :)

While Lily was gathering Violet's eggs, I took some pictures of Violet

Of course, there's always some family shots to be taken. 

These pictures are as real as it gets trying to get a stubborn toddler to pose for a picture when she doesn't want to. 

After the picture fun, we headed into the community center for Lily to do some crafts and determine whether an Easter bunny visit would take place on our part. 

She had a lot of fun with the crafts and this year was old enough to do much of it with little help. :)
First, was a bunny frame. Andrew helped with the snacks. 

Then Lily and Daddy made bunny masks for she and Violet.

She also made a lily that was made from tracing and cutting out her hand! 
I loved this craft best. :)

In another room, they had an area for coloring and painting with bingo daubers which Lily was super excited to do! She is very into coloring, drawing, painting, writing with chalk etc. these days.

Daddy, Andrew and Violet waited patiently for us.

There was a "lily-pop" tree and since those are Lily's favorites, she was excited when she not only got a lilypop, but her stick had a red bottom and she won a prize! A cute little pink bunny with string legs. 

We decided to wait on the Easter bunny and make that its own special day with the girls, so no bunny visit that day, but he was there!   After winning her prize, we went out to lunch which we rarely are able to all do together so that was a fun treat. We had our friend Easter party to go to later in the day, so after lunch we headed home for the kids to rest before part two of our fun Easter events!  

I love going to these types of events in our township and this year was the best so far. It was super organized, lots of helpers and a ton of stuff to do. There was also facepainting, Andrew's marching band ran the concession stand with lots of goodies to eat, and the fire department had a couple trucks for the kids to be able to climb in, put on fire helmets and firefighters to talk with the kids.  

The Easter egg hunt is one of my favorite events of the year!


  1. Love the picture of George and Lily in the bunny faces! xoxox

  2. I love the pictures!
    Lily cracks me up with all the pink eggs and George in the bunny mask is hilarious!!!