Friday, April 25, 2014

My Consignment Finds! #JBFPGH

Well, you've heard me talk about it all week and yesterday the day finally arrived!


The Just Between Friends of Pittsburgh sale has begun!

I went during the presale, so I hit the dome at 10:00am sharp! My goal was to find Lily clothes for the spring and summer.  Dresses mostly. I had a couple of things on "just check it out" list, but clothes for my big girl were the priority.  Violet is lucky enough to get all Lily's hand-me-downs, so with the exception of finding and/or choosing a few things here and there for her, she is set.

This was the front row of clothing and about 2 aisles are missing on the right in my picture. TONS of clothing!

Allllllllll the way in the back...a bunch of play kitchens, grills, a sweet little grocery store set up (that was only $17), little outdoor climbers and slides!

This was my view as I waited a few minutes to go inside and literally does not do this facility and the amount of items justice.  It's just one little piece!!  Next time I'm remembering to do the panoramic shot!

From the back by the wagons, cozy coupes, push cars, play mats, exersaucers...

Overflowing tables of toys that are separated, so you have a starting point when you go in to find what you're looking for!

This was just a shot from about mid-dome over towards the clothing to give perspective on how far these amazing bargains reach!

 This is a picture of my consignment sale shopping buddy, Amy and doesn't even do justice to all that we found, actually!

Violet's sweet little finds:  {See that old school Pittsburgh Penguins onesie?  Yeah, that was for her Daddy! And only $4.}

Big sis hit the motherload! You can't even see it all actually, but loads of dresses, a pair of jeans I loved with apples on them, name brand pajammies in excellent condition. All her clothes are actually name brands and in excellent condition and not one single item was more than $5.

I also scored 5 pair of shoes in excellent condition, including 2 pair of Crocs.  Lily also loves rainboots and I had lots to choose from--even with her big shoe size!  I picked up several other items including some bath toys and a bicycle helmet.  And the best part is, there are a ton to choose from I am able to carefully look over and choose what's best for me.

There is still a bunch to be found!! And a lot of time to shop!! All day Saturday from 8am-5pm and then Sunday is the extra bargains on already bargain prices--50% off day!  New merchandise comes out on Saturday too, so if you've already shopped, you can head back to see if that item you were looking for, but couldn't find is there!

Just Between Friends is the mother of all consignment sales and I cannot wait until the Fall sale and the Spring hasn't even ended!  Get there!


  1. Was this at the RMU IcePlex or something like that? If so I went to it a couple of years ago....pretty great deals!!!

  2. Oh my gosh that is awesome!! Wish we had that here in AZ! We have the mothers of multiples but it is no where never that much stuff!! Looks like you got some amazing deals!!!