Sunday, August 17, 2014

Band Camp Send Off

Another year of band camp in the books.

Andrew's freshman marching band season has begun!

Actually, summer band began in June, went through July and then pre-camp started the first week of August and then a full week at band camp. Andrew's summer is full simply with his traveling to see his dad and dad's family. I'm so grateful to be able to work hard with his dad to ensure Andrew gets good time with all of them, but is still able to honor his commitments.

With our trip to Arizona, Andrew ended up missing almost all of July summer band. Fortunately, the band director is understanding and accommodating. Precamp and band camp both are required and we knew he'd be back for those.
1st day of precamp

Picture day

Precamp is a week of a lot of rehearsals at home the week preceding going away to band camp where the rehearsals even further intensify. The week ends with a performance preview for families of all the shows the band will perform throughout the season. I was looking forward to seeing the performance after loving it so much last year!

A week ago Saturday was the send off for band camp.  The parking lot is filled with parents and cameras, traditions of tshirts and signs for the band, sections, squads, classes, boys and girls and I'm sure many more things I know nothing about. The kids are excited and anxious to get going while the parents are a little less sometimes. I watched senior parents just as sentimental as the rookie parents sending their nearly grown kids off to band camp for the final time.  The marching band community is one that I am so proud to have been a part of as a teenager and young adult. I am loving it as a parent as well.  Band geeks for life!

 freshman boys

I didn't cry this year as he left like I did last year, however.  I think last year was a combination of it being Andrew's rookie year, as well as me being pregnant and emotional. {Although, I do have emotional moments thinking about him starting high school. :)  I really like that he will go into high school knowing upper class students from band and the transition into high school will hopefully go smoothly as a result.}  

Bags packed with snacks, trucks loaded with instruments and luggage, and busses filled with 197 kids.

Off for a week at band camp he went...

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