Saturday, January 31, 2015

4-Legged Friends & Netflix #StreamTeam

Winter is not my favorite. I feel stuck at home, it's been gray and dreary. We have an impending snowstorm in the forecast supposed to dump at least 6 inches on top of the other 6 inches we have.  Thank God for Netflix! I've been binge watching some new-to-me favorites and loving watching some sweet shows with my girls. If there's an animal involved, they are all about it! Curious George, My Little Pony, Clifford, you name it!

 Lily and Violet both love Daniel Tiger a lot and I love him too. Mister Rogers was my favorite as a kid, so I'm sold a thousand times over on Daniel Tiger and his lessons!  I hope season two is added soon!

This was from Lily's 3rd birthday party. I suspect, we'll be doing Violet's 2nd birthday party with Daniel Tiger as well. :)

Their second favorite is Peg + Cat!! So funny and they're learning math! We sing songs from both of these shows all the time!

Andrew and I loved watching the Shrek movies when he was little.  It's been fun to watch them again with Lily, so when Netflix announced a Puss in Boots series, The Adventures of Puss in Boots we knew it was going to be right up our alley!

On January 16th, Puss in Boots premiered in all his glory! The world's greatest feline fighter is back in this Netflix original series with daring adventures and laugh out loud fun!

We are currently a non-pet family, but still love animals.  We're divided on them though. The guys prefer dogs and I prefer cats. Lily just loves them all.   This was our Fleury/Flurry. She was such a pretty dog! She and Andrew were buds.  We had to rehome her when we had Violet and Lily misses her and still talks about her all the time.  Someday we'll have a new pet when the time is right.

For the animal lover in you, Netflix has your whole family covered when you need your pet fix, your heart warmed, or a good laugh!

Four-Legged Stars to Stream on Netflix

For your little kids:
Pet Party
Littlest-Pet-Shop EN DE 571x800
Snow Buddies
For your big kids:
Puss in Boots
Step Dogs
Air Bud
Monkey Trouble
And for teens and parents:
Family Guy
Red Dog
1. Anchorman 2
2. Frasier
3. Family Guy
4. Friends
5. Red Dog
6. Wilfred

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam I was provided subscription to Netflix and also exclusive insights or other products. All opinions are my 100% my own and I was already a proud Netflix subscriber prior to this opportunity. Please see my full disclosure.

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