Friday, January 9, 2015

The First Snowfall

I have been working on keeping busy this winter, trying to avoid the winter funk that inevitably sucks me in.  Sunshine makes me happy and definitely something I need. So this past Monday when the temperature was in the high 50s, the kids went to the park to play!   

Just two days later, the temperature was in the single digits with negative windchills. Nothing like winter showing its ugly face all at once.  

My sweet Lily loves the snow! She has been asking for months if it was going to snow for her to go outside and make snow angels and a snowman.  We may have not had enough for a snowman this week, but there was definitely enough for a few angels. :)

While Violet napped, Andrew, Lily, and I headed out for a short time.  It was wayyyy too cold to stay out for long, but the joy on my oldest daughter's face was absolutely worth it.  Andrew is such a great brother and pulled her along in the sled down the driveway a few times.

Next up was a little snow throwing! Andrew took Lily's little snow shovel and tossed some snow at her and she retaliated doing the same, though most often she hit him with the actual shovel. He's a good sport!

 Lily has spent a lot of time talking about deer and hunting with her daddy.  Last year she went "shed hunting" with him to look for antlers that deer have shed and it's one of her favorite things to do! She can't wait to go again.  When she found a branch from a tree that looked like antlers sticking out of the snow, she was super excited! "Oh Mommy! I found some antlers!" and spent some time playing with her "antlers."

Very soon afterwards, Andrew had decided it was way too cold and he was ready to go inside. I agreed with him! Brrrrrrrrrr! Lily was convinced with the promise of hot chocolate!

The weather hasn't yet warmed up, but the sun is still shining! Only 20 weeks until summer!


  1. I can't wait for our first snow storm! That it, if we get one. Crossing my fingers and toes but I figure since both kids got sleds for Christmas we won't get any.

  2. Once upon a time I loved the snow so much....just like Lily!
    Andrew is such a good sport. She's so lucky to have him!