Sunday, October 4, 2015

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

As fall rolls in, our house is filled with Friday night lights, Saturday marching festivals, parades and any other marching band activity you can think of amidst school and rehearsals.  

Homecoming 2015 has now come and gone.  The football game Friday night left the crowd only to cheer on the marching band by the time halftime rolled around.  The score was 33-0 in favor of the visiting team.  


The weather suddenly went from comfortable to downright chilly in one afternoon. We loaded up with coats, blankets, and hoodies and were off to the game in time for the band's pre-game performance. 

   {Andrew is the last saxophone in this picture} 

Violet loveloveloves the marching band and shouts "Yay!" and "Bubba!" the whole time along with clapping and dancing!

Half-time was their march show featuring college fight songs.

Violet is always up for some picture taking these days! I just want to eat her up! So cute!

Lily was hungry and definitely in her end of the week exhaustion, but still tried to hang in there!  She fell asleep on me by the end of the game.

Reagan was able to stay with us that night and brought her best friend along too.  It was a fun night for everyone.  Well, maybe except for the football team who ended up losing 47-7 or something ridiculous like that.

The band sticks around and plays some tunes after the game before heading home. It's nice and they have a decent crowd watching them!

 I love that the band ends their time together singing the alma mater.

Despite the weather ending up in the 40s that night, we had a great time and are looking forward to this Friday! 

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