Saturday, April 30, 2016

Siblings Choice #StreamTeam

April begins the crazy push towards the end of the school year. State standardized testing, marching band trip, field trips, rehearsals all in addition to the regular schedule. Carving out time for family is a little bit more challenging these last couple months of school, but we manage to make sure it happens.

An easy way? Netflix and the family movie.

In April, Sibling Day is celebrated April 10 and I'm sure you saw tons of siblings posts all over social media. Netflix also helped us celebrate the siblings in our house!

I grew up with two younger brothers while my husband is an only child.  For him, the sibling dynamic is completely foreign in our home!  One boy, three girls means there are a lot of times that Andrew is overruled on the movie front in favor of something girly. Thankfully Netflix has options for all of our sibling dynamics in deciding on what to watch --age, personality, genre.

And even for my brothers across the country there is a way to for everyone connect without having to fight over the remote!

We celebrated a little later in the month and the kids made their choices from ALL the lists and we narrowed it down.

From that list the older two decided on Shark Boy & Lava Girl. Turned out to be a big hit with the little two also as we've watched it about 3 times since.

A Tale of Two Distant Ages

Fret no longer, this playlist caters to both your 5-year-old AND your 14-year-old. Click here for the full collection.
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Sugar and Spice

One kid’s sassy, the other one’s sweet. Click here for the full collection.
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Meet in the Middle

Deciding on a genre is the hardest when it comes to watching together. From comedy to action, this playlist includes titles that have a little bit of everything for everyone. Click here for the full collection.
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Must Watch TV

Whether long distance or right next door, these days, adult siblings are also bonding over what they’re watching. Difference is you’re no longer fighting over the remote and are instead championing your favorite Netflix title to get your brother or sister hooked on the same shows. Here are a few that are sure to win you some big-time street cred. Click here for the full collection.
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Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam I was provided subscription to Netflix and also exclusive insights or other products. All opinions are my 100% my own and I was already a proud Netflix subscriber prior to this opportunity. Please see my full disclosure.

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