Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Every day's a Great Day for Hockey

Lots of hockey lately!

Andrew plays twice a week and my stepdaughter goes to one game a week when she's with us. They both love playing and it's been awesome to see them grow and improve over the last few years. Andrew's been playing consistently --Fall, Winter, Spring-- since we moved to Pittsburgh in the Fall of 2007 and Reagan has played twice in a league.

So far they each have an assist for the season as it's just gotten underway.

Andrew's been playing defense primarily. The first shift he played wing, was when he had an assist.

Lily got a little more involved in her big brother's game this week...she woke up.

Reagan's 1st game, she played defense and last weekend she played goalie.

I love this picture of her!
She plays hard the whole time. :)

George guides her and helps coach her from behind the net.


  1. Fantastic pics, thanks for sharing them with us all!

  2. Awesome pics! I'm glad they like playing. I'd like to get my son into playing hockey. Maybe someday.