Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lily: 2 months

This is what 2 months looks like for Lily.

This long and lean little monkey has completely gotten us wrapped around her finger!

Andrew says things like: "The sun got a little bit brighter when Lily was born." and "Mom, thanks again for Lily."  He's so sweet with her, always wants to help and is very considerate. Reagan likes to "look at her" and is still trying to figure out just what to do with this little person who can't talk with her yet. Daddy adores her and she adores him right back. She follows him with her eyes and keeps her eyes glued on him. It makes me fall more and more in love with him as I watch him with her.  He has more nicknames for her than I can keep track of, but my favorite is "Lily Vanilli"...Girl you know it's true...ooh ooh ooh I love you!
Mommy is well, Mommy...completely in love with this baby, fascinated by how much she changes each day, honored to be given the gift and responsibility to raise her.

I love her one dimple. I love her baby feet and how she keeps her legs straight out in the air and scrunches up her toes. I love that yesterday we were standing in line waiting to check out at a consignment sale and this older woman behind us said, "Your daughter is beautiful and I was watching her look at you and thought it was so amazing how connected you two are. She was mesmerized looking in your eyes and completely bonded. You could see so much love between you two."  This woman was so genuine in her words and I appreciate that she chose to share her thoughts with me. And of course, if you know anything about me, you know it brought tears to my eyes.

She's really started smiling A LOT --more than just in her sleep smiling. She's got this big gummy grin where she looks like she's gonna eat you with how wide her mouth is open!  (I wasn't able to get it in our "photo shoot".) 
It's sweet to hear her voice in coos and ahhhhhs, as she's begun "talking" with us too. She pretty much cries only when she's tired, hungry, or has a bellyache and the rest of the time is very content. She loves to ride in the car and almost always falls asleep immediately when we go somewhere.

Bedtime has changed recently also. She started sleeping in her crib in her room at 7 weeks and hasn't had any trouble with that adjustment. (Neither have I haha). Typically she's been falling asleep around midnight after eating...and has been mostly sleeping anywhere until between 6:30am and 7:15am. LUCKY! (Occasionally she'll stir around 4:45am for a few minutes, but for the most part we make it until the morning.)

This little lady is such a blessing and we're so happy it's HER that we have welcomed into our family!

Happy 2 months, Lily. ♥

This was Daddy's rocking chair from when he was a baby. ♥



  1. How cute!! Can't believe it's been two months before we know it it will be time for thier first birthdays!! :sob:

  2. Lilly Vanilli how cute is that and made me laugh right out loud with the song and um now I am gonna have it stuck in my head all night....everytime I hear that song I sing it for days LOL

    She is to presh for words! I love her 2 month onsie!! Happy 2 mths Lilly you are loved by your parents to the moon and back


  3. Awww, so cute. I miss those days.

  4. She is just so adorable! You must be in heaven with her - and I think it's so cute how she loves to watch your husband.

    I think it's great the woman commented on how bonded you and your Lily are. I wonder how many times have I thought things like that about someone else, and said nothing? I should speak up more!

  5. Love the onsie! That is the sweetest thing I have read in a long time about your comment you received at the store...seriously super sweet! Happy Monday!