Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt 2013

While I need and want to post about turning forty, my amazing bestie and group of friends pulling off my first ever surprise party, and all the birthday things, I'm going to post about our past weekend's Easter happenings first!

I'm also pretending there's not 4-5 inches of snow outside and instead of wearing flip flops everyday { y'all know I still wear them often even in winter--can't take the desert out of the girl} I put on my stupid boots one more time to go out and clean off the car to get the kids to the bus.

After a week of super cold and wet weather, I was hopeful for Saturday's forecast of 40s and sunny since we were going to our community Easter egg hunt!  The forecast did not disappoint.  This Arizona girl needs her sunshine.  Lily was super excited to get started and let's just say patience is not in a 2 year olds vocabulary.  So we tried to distract her while we waited for the hunt to get started.

Finally after enough waiting it was time to begin!  The under 3 year olds go first and since it's in a big open field, there is plenty of space to run and more than enough eggs for the kids to collect their share. Lily loves to run!
Lily's bestie, Victoria, along with her parents, came with us too!
Lily left Victoria in the dust just to run run!
The girls collected eggs while their crazy mothers snapped away on cameras.
Andrew helped to keep track of Lily only ending up with 12 eggs at the end, so he'd examine her basket and then toss some out along the way.
Victoria was in a much better mood than Lily the whole time...especially when it came time to leave.
Hugs and kisses, of course...
Andddddddd then Lily realized it was time to go...she was not a happy girl.
She was d-o-n-e after that.  No good pics of she and Mama, no good fam pictures and no good Easter bunny pics. She just wanted to keep getting eggs!
Luckily for Lily, we had another egg hunt in our schedule for later in the day...


  1. The newspaper man did not need to take any pics that day because you have all the cute ones right here!V had so much fun at her 1st official egg hunt! Thanks so much for inviting us!!

  2. Seriously they are too cute together!!!

    We are going to hopefully go to our local one next year, since we will miss it from being at my parents