Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Party 2013

After the first part of our Easter activity filled day, we headed home for Lily to take a nap before heading over to a friend's house for an Easter party with more friends.  After Crankypants took a good nap, Daddy headed to work, and the rest of us went off to the party.

We, the parents, hung out and chatted while the kids played until it was time to go out for the egg hunt! The dads did a great job putting the eggs out in the yard! The little girls couldn't wait to get out there and lined up at the door ready to go!

Lily was super happy to be looking for eggs again.  Amy, after being with us earlier for the egg hunt, said, "It should be fun to get Lily inside after this." ahahhahahahahahhaha  She was right.  It was just as fun as the morning egg hunt ending...only it didn't last as long.

The toddlers headed out for their part first and then the big kids next.

Lily and Victoria wanted to look out the window, so what does any typical 2 year old do?? Climb up on the train table, of course and simply make it happen. 
This is where the bigger boys hung out most of the evening...talking and playing video games.
{little} Lily's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
We also colored Easter eggs. It was helpful to do activities in age groups.
The toddlers pretty much manhandle the eggs and throw them into the dye.
Victoria waiting her turn with her mama. :)
Lily chose pink, green and blue for her colors.  She was happy.
We chowed down on some pizza, salad, fruit and cake for supper and these toddler besties enjoyed every bit of it!
This is one of my fav pictures...EVER! Amy captured them playing and they both cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesed for her!
I love these girls!

It was a super fun time hanging out with friends and letting the kids play together again. I appreciate these women and their families so very much and I'm so grateful to have them in my life!  What a fun Easter party! Can't wait until next year!  And we'll have a couple more babies in the mix come next Easter...and with any luck, maybe more than a couple! ;)


  1. Two posts in two days??? Be still my heart! Love all the egg hunt and party pictures! The one of Lily and V is adorable!!!

  2. so sad I had to miss this party!!! Looks so much fun

  3. I love those bunny dress twins!