Monday, February 10, 2014

Birthday Bowling!

With all our polar vortex days this winter and the inevitable cabin fever that we all have, {which translates to everyone getting on everyone's nerves} we welcomed the opportunity to get out of the house and go to a birthday party!  It was a bowling party!  This would mark Lily's 1st time bowling also. 

We had crappy weather that day, some roads weren't clear, but we. were. going.

George ended up not coming with us and sleeping longer. That night shift is tough.  Andrew was looking forward to it, but got a migraine on the way, so he spent the entire party sleeping in the car.  Bowling alley + migraine = bad news.  Poor kid, between everyone in his dad's family having migraines and everyone in mine, he was definitely doomed to have them too.

Lily was a bowling machine!  She loved it!  Her first time literally, she got a spare!

It was tough to let friends take turns, but with the help of Victoria's daddy running the lane, she was better and he kept things in order!
She literally only stopped for snacks and pizza only because I made her. She even skipped out on cake! Of course, she asked for the cake on the way home and then was mad she didn't have any.
Lily and Audrey were dancing. ♥

Violet hung out from in her carseat and stayed toasty warm! She wore her best winter dress too. :)

It was actually the kind of party where all the kids had a blast with each other bowling, took a breather to eat and wish Dominic a happy birthday and then back to bowling!

 Happy birthday, Justin Beiber Dom! We love you!

I love our friends and their kids! We're so fortunate to have such a great group of people to spend time with and between 15 kids, there's always some kind of party!


  1. :) Glad Lily had such a good time, actually I am glad everyone had fun.

    We do have a lot of kids, ha! So we will be busy all the time. BUT I love it :)

    Boo for Andrew getting a migraine. I am glad he was feeling better later.

  2. This looks like so much fun! I'm thinking it might be time for Tyler to have a bowling party this year too! :0)

  3. Lily was glowing, literally, in that black light. The girls had so much fun bowling for the 1st time, thank you daddy Greg for keeping them in line...ha.