Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Party in Pictures

Charlie looooooves the babies, so she got a minute when Miss No-Napper Violet wasn't screaming. 

The Lilys playing with the princess castle because they think they are princesses.

The boys and their video games...and food. I love that Stef's kids and always Logan just smile at the camera without a word.

Two of the sweetest girls I know...always making sure they take care of all the little ones. Sometimes that means playing with them, sometimes that means cleaning up after them or letting us know what in the world those little girls got into. I love Lexie and Audrey!

Violet finally crashed. Complete with phone sound machine to block out the noise.
Half-time entertainment...

The Peanut Gallery.

Andrew stopped in for a minute to check out the half-time show.

Lily in her princess dress up heels.
The other Lily with her hands upon her hips...when she dips, you dip, we dip.

Liam and Violet's 1st SuperBowl.  He was clearly a Seahawks fan. Violet clearly a Peyton Manning fan. 

2014 Super Bowl, out.


  1. Great pics! Charlie with Violet melts my heart :)

  2. Cute pictures! I love the two little footballs!! You brought the Rock n Play...don't leave home without it! Smart!

  3. What a great time! Loving the Liam and Violet picture! They are so cute together!!

  4. I love your pictures!
    Look at you...blogging more than I am these days! ;)