Monday, February 3, 2014

The Weekend is Ovah

Happy Monday!  Is there such a thing?  Umm, the sun is shining, we're one more day closer to warmer weather, so I'm going to go with yes...for now.

This morning started off slow due to a late night watching the SuperBowl with friends. It was a nice time just hanging out with our great friends.  I know I say this all the time, but we're so lucky to have such good people in our lives who love our kids {and us} where we can just be ourselves and relax.  So, despite the disbelief of the football game where seemingly only one team played, we had a good time. 

SuperBowl Party in Pictures
Violet's 1st SuperBowl

I awoke to a too early alarm, my husband's kiss, and a "hey, it snowed a little bit."  Got Andrew off to the bus. That kid is a trooper. Went to bed with a sore throat and I fully expected him to want to stay home this morning, but off he went.**  Violet is usually ready to eat as Andrew needs to wake up in the morning, so we were up for the day--mostly.  She and I doze after she's through nursing usually until Lily comes and climbs in bed.  I love my mornings with my girls, no matter how tired I may be. 

We headed East shortly after getting up to pick up Reagan to get her to school.  Her mom was worried about the roads since it had snowed some, but all the roads were clear except their street. Not ideal, but she needed to go to school.  The girls and I were up for the ride since I suspect we'll be stuck home again later this week.

Backing up to the beginning of the weekend, Friday after school, Andrew had his 14 year well visit.  I was curious to see how tall he actually is, since he clearly has shot up recently.  Plus I wanted to see how much Violet had gained since her weight check at 3 months 9 days before.  I grow 'em tall and slow to gain weight. That has been consistent for all 3 of them from day one.  Andrew is 5'9" which is the 95th percentile for height. 

After the doctor, we headed to the grocery store then home to make our traditional Friday night pizzas.  Lily has really gotten into wanting to help in the kitchen, so that's perfect for her! She loves to help with the cheese, especially.  A little on the pizza, a little in her mouth, a little more in her mouth, a little on the pizza. Andrew and I started doing this when he was two and now we've started again. Sometimes it switches to Saturday nights, but there's always a kid {or two} helping and something Lily now asks about each week.   Lily, Violet, and I fell asleep watching Despicable Me that night.

 Weekends have been really nice lately--filled with just the right mix of family time at home and friend time. 
**Andrew just sent a text asking me to pick him up at the bus stop...fever, chills, achy, sore throat...1st man down.

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  1. :( OH crap for first man down. But glad we got to spend time together yesterday!