Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tiny Dancer

The preschool Lily attended this year was a performing arts preschool where dance, music, gymnastics and theater are built into the curriculum in addition to academics.  The 3 year olds all have turned 4 except for Lily. She's still about 6 weeks away from 4.

The school year culminated with a variety of activities. One of them, a dance recital.

The girls practiced before the school year ended on their designated dance day, Lily practiced some moves at home, and last week, they had an evening rehearsal since school has ended.

I had no idea what the music was or what the dances would look like. Her teacher kept it all top secret for the moms to get the reveal on recital day.

We bought our tickets and in excitedly awaited the day!

I gave Lily a soft makeup brush and a little sparkly face powder to put on after I finished fixing her hair. She was thrilled to put on her own "makeup."  I loved watching her and relished in the moment that this was my little girl.

After she was ready, we went outside for a few pictures before heading to the venue. 

When the girls came out, they all looked so adorable and so big!  I sobbed through the entire number! I laughed at some moments too, just knowing their personalities.   It was simply the sweetest thing.   
And. Totally. Worth. The. Wait.

My tiny dancer.
{Lily is 2nd from the left}

I love this picture! She cracks me up! So serious and still looking for us. :)

The final bow!

Andrew missed it because he was already off to visit his dad in Tennessee, but we lucked out that Reagan was with us this day ~ even though she closed her eyes in every picture. ;)  Violet was so good throughout the entire recital and only started to get restless near the end.  Lucky!

Lily we are so, so proud of you!


  1. Soooo cute!!! Great job, Lily! I am so in love with the second picture. Perfection!

  2. Good job Lily! Cute pics Steph :)