Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Only 3 1/2 more days of school remain!  For Andrew, that is.  Lily wrapped up preschool last week.  It feels like it flew by, but when I look at pictures of them from the beginning of the year, they've grown so much!

This past Friday, Andrew went to Washington D.C. for his 8th grade field trip.  They headed out bright and early at 5am and got home late that night around 11pm.  Whirlwind trip, yes, but exciting for his first visit there!  He's not me and still doesn't take a bunch of pictures, but he did take a few on his ipod for me.
Rise and shine!
{before we left the house}

I thought this was creative. ;)

But first...
His favorite part of the visit was the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the WWII Memorial.  I'm glad he got a taste! This is something I've wanted to do with him since he was little, but wanted to wait until he was old enough to enjoy it, so hopefully we can make a visit together soon!

While Andrew was touring our nation's capital, George, Lily, Violet, and I went to Lily's end of the year school picnic. It was a combined picnic for all families in both the three and four year old classes.  We went to a local park and had hamburger and hotdogs, yummy pasta salad, tons of fresh fruit--yay for summer!  Of the 5 girls who were in Lily's class, three babies were born this school year and one other mom has a 15 month old, so it was fun to watch the girls play, chat with the moms, and ooh and ahhh over the newest babies for more than a minute or two at pickup and drop off.  I didn't take a lot of pictures that day, but managed to snap a few.
There was a lot of running!

 They stopped for a few minutes to eat a little bit. 

Daddy pushed the girls on the swings for awhile too. They love it!

And later that night--longgggg before we had to pick Andrew up from his field trip-- Lily crawled up on my lap and said, "I'm not tired, Mom," and promptly crashed.  I'd say she enjoyed her picnic.

We actually had Reagan after school Friday afternoon {which is not normal for us--we're the school week and her mom is the weekend} because she had a Girl Scout camping trip over the weekend and I needed to drop her off and pick her up again on Sunday. They went a couple hours away and went kayaking and did archery among the other GS camping goodies. She had a good time!

Saturday we spent the day at home.  Violet spent some time practicing sitting up after her 5am wake up then back to sleep until 8:45am--which is totally sleeping in for her! That's usually when she's getting ready for her morning nap.

 She woke up happy and was ready for the day.
Later that night headed over to our friends' house to have supper and hang out. The youngest of the bunch, besides the kids, turned 31, so it was nice to just get together with everyone, eat delicious food as always, watch our kids play, and chat.  Happy Birthday, Rex!
The Lilys were continuing their roles as Elsa, so we heard lots of "Let it Go" while they wore their capes and ran through the yard.

Lexie all of a sudden looked so grown up to me and I literally sat on the step with tears in my eyes listening to this confident girl stand and perform for me!  I love her so much!!

We loaded up the car and headed home early-ish, but glad we were able to make it! Violet smiling in her carseat is pretty rare these days. ;)  She haaaaaaates getting in it.
Sunday morning, George was doing some work on the boat and Lily, who thinks her Daddy lets her do the coolest stuff, had fun hanging out with him in the morning while he worked.  She loved sitting in the front seat of our car and made him buckle her seatbelt when she was up there.  She's also still wearing my nursing cover as her Elsa cape. She also followed him in and out of the garage, asked a billion questions, and rummaged through the stuff he pulled out. I'm sure that was fun!

We spent Sunday just hanging out at home and finishing up our family summer bucket list. We've got a lot to squeeze in this year!   After the taxi service I provided everywhere on Friday, the weekend was really relaxing!  Violet was in bed tonight by 7pm, and Lily fell asleep before 7:30pm. Early for both of them.  

I love my people!



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