Monday, September 29, 2014

Cake & Presents for Four

Andrew came back from Tennessee and his visit to the beach with his dad's side of his family a few days after Lily's birthday and it was time for cake, ice cream, and presents with Lily.  She wanted to wait for him, so we did.  She also wanted a pink heart with purple sprinkles birthday cake, so she got just that.  Happy 4th birthday, Punky! 

She was very excited about her presents and I love how open she is about her excitement!
She got a Frozen sisters poster and tshirt she had seen when we were in a store once, some Disney Klip Klop princesses, and her very own Lego Friends sets. Her daddy picked out a special pink flashlight for her! She loves playing with his flashlights!

Andrew {with the help of his Dad}wrapped up his gift to her. He gave her a UniKitty Lego movie cup, a sweet little Tupperware tea set, and the "It's so fluffy!" unicorn that Andrew's dad crocheted! 
Lily loved all of it!

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  1. Happy Birthday Lily! So glad you wanted to wait for your brother, such sweet thoughtful girl