Friday, October 3, 2014

A Fourth Strawberry Celebration!

Lily loooooooovesssssssssssss  strawberries, so choosing a birthday theme this year was pretty simple for a summer party!

Finding a date for Lily's birthday party, however, has proven to be tough the last few years trying to work around Andrew's traveling, band camp, our friends' kids' birthday parties, and George's work schedule.  After a little rescheduling, we finally found an evening that worked and it was a go!

I decided I'd make supper for everyone and we'd celebrate with our favorite people with cake, yummy snacks, and hanging out after supper.  The kids played and the grown ups chatted into the evening.   Finding a recipe to make a big group happy isn't always easy, but it was a success! I made this delicious crockpot ravioli. It's one of my kids' favorites and easy! I also had English muffin pizzas available for the kids. Garlic bread and salad to complete our meal and I successfully made supper for 21 of us.  As one of the guys said, everyone "ate the hell out of that."

Our parties consist of good friends who are family, hanging out laughing, kids playing, and good food.  They're simple and we spend the time focusing on enjoying each other.  I love our people!

That simplicity doesn't stop me from making sure there are a handful of special details for each of my kids for their birthdays.  One thing I've always done is make their birthday cakes.  Some years they've been more elaborate than others. They last few have been been from scratch.  I have a favorite go-to chocolate cake that is always a hit, but this year, Lily asked for a pink cake, so I went searching for a strawberry cake recipe.

I made "4" cookies and jello jigglers, Lily's special birthday hat. There were lots of fresh strawberries to eat along with chips and dip, cheese and crackers.  We love snacks!

The girls played outside with chalk and on bikes and then inside with dolls and dress up dresses while the boys played outside with nerf guns and then inside playing video games.

The babies hung out and ate a lot.

We sang Happy Birthday to Lily {her 4th time this year} and she opened her presents while we ate cake and ice cream!

At the end of the day, my girl was happy to spend celebrating her birthday with her best friends and that makes me happy!

And that's a wrap on 4th birthday celebrations!

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  1. Love the new look! Or at least new since the last time that I stopped by look. What a cute theme for a birthday. She looks like she had a fantastic time!! :0)