Sunday, May 31, 2015

We Are Family #StreamTeam

May is one of those months where "family busy" it at it's highest. End of the school year is filled with concerts, field trips, finals, parties, school picnics, you get the point. :)  There is always something on the calendar. This year we tossed in preschool graduation, a birthday party, a Memorial Day picnic, a couple trips to urgent care, and a preschool graduation party for good measure as well. We're wrapping up school and heading into summer in just a week and we cannot wait!

Our family is made up of a his, mine, and ours crew with kids ranging in ages from 19 months to 15 years old.  Fortunately the oldest is fantastic with the youngers and is willing to hang out and watch "the little kid" shows with us too. Thankfully.

Netflix is still where it's at for us! We could not be happier that we ditched cable and went with Netflix. Being a part of the #StreamTeam was easy peasy since I already loved it! My love has just continued to grow.

I'm looking forward to spending our summer like it's 1976. Lots of outdoor time, catching lightning bugs, making homemade ice cream, camping in the backyard, and using a lot of imagination.  But one thing about Pittsburgh there's a lot of humidity and random summer storms, so sometimes the heat or rain drive us inside.  Netflix will be our summer partner!

Andrew and I have still been watching Daredevil together. We like being able to have some one-on-one time and even though the show is slightly gory for me, we are both loving the storyline!

I watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls and then Gossip Girl on my late nights and loved them! Unique families.

The little girls are happy watching Daniel Tiger, My Little Pony, and a plethora of shows on Netflix they love. Netflix is their first choice when asked if they want to watch a movie or something.

Lily's latest love is anything related to the solar system, planets, or just earth, so we've been watching Planet Earth together as a family and George and Lily have been watching Cosmos together.

I really love that Netflix can be and is such a big part of our family and helps bring all of us together in many different ways! Which is pretty much perfect because our family came together to be a party of six in a different way too. ;)

Some family recommendations for y'all: 

Family Is What You Make It

For your little kids:
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For your big kids:
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And for teens and adults:
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1. Raising Hope
2. The Fosters
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Life Unexpected

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam I was provided subscription to Netflix and also exclusive insights or other products. All opinions are my 100% my own and I was already a proud Netflix subscriber prior to this opportunity. Please see my full disclosure.

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