Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Daddy Daughter Date

Every week, George and I make sure that we spend some one-on-one time. With a crazy work schedule, 4 kids and activities, it's not always the easiest, but we've been committed this year to carving it out. We've been fortunate enough to actually get out on a date night once a week since January with the exception of two weeks.  This is nothing short of amazing! It's been good for our marriage and our family. This week, on our regular date night, we decided the girls needed some time with their daddy.

Chili's hosted this event last night near our house and we decided it was perfect for them! I put Lily and Violet in their "I ♥ Daddy" shirts --they could wear long sleeves because the weather has been chilly lately too.  Violet was grumpy and ready to go because she was hungry, so fruit snacks for bribery only went so far.

I snapped a few pictures and off they went to a supper out, arts and crafts, and face painting.

Lily is a good sport most of the time and near the end of the picture taking, she asked me if she could have her arms behind her like she does in the above pic and I said no because it looks like she doesn't have arms.  That led to, "How 'bout like this?"

"Or this?"

They had a nice time, the girls made foam picture frames, they each were given a picture of all of them to put in their frames. And even before my sweet husband knew that they would get their picture taken, he had someone take one on his phone to send to me. {He knows it's important to me.}

I'm glad they had fun! 

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