Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Smart is Cool! #StreamTeam

I mentioned in my last Netflix #StreamTeam post that I wanted to share the fun experiments the girls were doing with the Project Mc2 goodies we received.

Lily has been over the moon excited about all of this and it's been fun to watch her and listen to her hypothesize what she thinks will happen and then discuss what actually happened and why.  My sweet little scientist! Though, don't call her that because she's quite emphatically tell you, "I'm just Lily!"  Oh, girl there is nothing "just" about you. ♥

Lily and Reagan love to go fishing. So they decided that the "ice fishing" experiment was the first order of business.

Lily's first job was to get the ice while Reagan got the water ready.

 Next up! Time for the required tools to be put to use--water, ice, salt, string.

Oh no!!!  We didn't catch any ice cubes! 

We talked about why they didn't "catch" any ice cubes and what Lily thought.  I was impressed she said they needed to try more salt!  So they added more salt and tried again...

Yay! It worked!

They recorded their observations in the notebook and got ready for the next experiment! 

The next experiment was Lily's favorite!  It involved g-l-i-t-t-e-r!  They made glitter tornadoes using water, dish soap, glitter, and then added food coloring too.  They talked about what they thought would happen if they shook up the test tube versus swirling it and again wrote down their guesses and observations in their notebook. 

Thanks, Netflix for allowing me to be part of the #StreamTeam and for encouraging my kids to get excited about learning, creating, thinking!   

We still have a couple more experiments to complete! And cannot wait! 

Oh! And just so she didn't get left out, Violet decided she wanted to participate in the glitter experiment as well...

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  1. Lily and Lexie LOVED the glitter tornado in the tube! We still have one more kit to do. You know, when we have the time! XOXO