Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Parade 2015

One of my favorite Halloween traditions is our local Halloween parade.  Andrew was in it when he was in Scouts before he was in marching band and still marches each year with the band. We were lucky the weather was good that day and wasn't too cold at night.  We like to stop and watch the band warm up before they head to line up for the parade.  Andrew went as bacon again this year. :)

Violet loves to watch the parade and clap!  We all enjoy seeing all the kids in costumes in the band and the others dressed up who march.
 Lily was excited when the cheerleaders were stopped in front of us for awhile and was cheering along with them!

Some of the fun costumes in the parade this year:   Inside Out was my fave!

I love this parade each year and it's fun to dress the girls up in one of their costume/dress up outfits to get good use out of all of those too!

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