Monday, November 23, 2015

Spreading A Little Comfort & Cheer... Thanks, Kleenex®

Since Lily started kindergarten, a whole new slew of germs has entered our lives.  Even though, she went to preschool for 2 years, but it was a small school and she was around the same 4 other girls for both of those years. They'd built up their immunities together. Every cough, sneeze, sniffle, runny nose comes home with her now. Violet has gotten a couple of Lily's colds too.  Add to that, cutting teeth leaves her with a runny nose too.

Thankfully, overall we're a pretty healthy family and nothing really sticks around for long!

And seriously, thank goodness for Kleenex®!

We go through a ton of them and I'm grateful for Sam's Club having a big pack at such a great price!

Last Friday, Violet and I headed to Sam's Club to pick up our Kleenex®  and a few other staples we were out of. She was already having a continual runny nose and we could not get in there fast enough!

I'm a sucker for holiday packaging and I was so happy to find Sam's Club has an exclusive awesome  Kleenex® Winter Pack available! Look at those cutie canisters!!

Even Violet was excited about the perfect fit canisters in this exclusive Kleenex® Winter Pack!

I love that I can purchase items at Sam's Club my family goes through regularly at such a great value on quality brands we use!  You can even order online and just pick up at Sam's Club!  I like to go in and see what's new, but I love the idea of Club Pick up convenience especially with winter approaching quickly! If I can order online, keep the kids in the car and still get what I need --- that is fantastic!

Yogurt? Happy little girls!  Paper towels--can you ever have too many paper towels?  We love hot chocolate too and it's a perfect treat for cold winter nights.

A Sam's Club membership is totally worth it -- you can find more info about membership here.

As a kindergarten teacher, I simply could. not. have. enough.Kleenex® in my classroom.

Runny noses, wiping tears, picking up some unknowns after snacks or recess. 5 and 6 year olds have a lot going on. :)  Kleenex® brand tissues are absorbent, strong and soft for taking care of sweet, sensitive skin.

Now that I'm lucky enough to stay home with my kids, I always include Kleenex® in the supplies I send in for school.  I'm working on putting together a "teacher's winter survival care package" for Lily's teacher and you can bet I'm including that adorable snowman canister in the Kleenex® Winter Pack for her!

Sharing is caring...but not when it comes to germs, so we'll just share Kleenex® and #SpreadKleenexCare!

Sharing Kleenex® is such a simple way to let someone know you care. The smallest gesture goes such a long way. That's why I always keep them on hand, so I can #SpreadKleenexCare easily.

If you have kids, send Kleenex® in for their teacher-- she can never have too many!  Offer some to the frazzled mom waiting next to you in line with her kids at the pharmacy...with an understanding smile.  No lie, while I was standing in line to make a return at Sam's Club before we shopped, the young girl helping me noticed Violet's runny nose and offered me Kleenex®!

Yay, Mama! Thanks for getting so much Kleenex® to take care of my runny nose!

Thank you to Kleenex for sponsoring this post, inspiring me to try the Kleenex® Perfect Fit Winter Pack, and for reminding us to #SpreadKleenexCare this holiday season!

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