Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last Day of School

My kids just know there will be pictures involved.  I make sure to remind them before they go to bed on days like today that they'll be getting up a little early to take pictures. Occasionally, I get a groan these days from Andrew, but it's brief and he knows it's pointless.

I love comparing pictures with the kids too. Although, they're not looking so drastically different from the first and last days any longer. Most of the "baby" has long since been lost from their faces.

They headed off that morning both wanting to ride the bus the last day instead of me driving them. They had their teachers' gifts in hand and off they went for their last school bus ride together.

That's a wrap on 6th and 2nd grades!


  1. I love the beginning and ending of the school year pics, I will have to remember to do that idea! The last picture is precious! Love it!

  2. Aw- how cute- the before and after. I hope they have a great summer! What cuties!

  3. I love Reagan's last-day-of-school-outfit! They did change and grow these last nine months - love the comparisons!!