Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Trip to the Zoo

I've been very fortunate to have met some pretty amazing women {and their children} through twitter and/or blogs who are local. We have a varying degree of women ~ some have 3 kids, some have an older and a baby girl, some have their first babies, you get the idea. One thing for certain I appreciate these women in my life and the baby girls that ultimately connected us.

Towards the end of the school year, we'd talked about getting together for playdates on Thursdays throughout the summer.  With Andrew gone most of the summer and Reagan gone half the summer, I was definitely excited about having a lot of Lily time.

Our first was the going to the Pittsburgh Zoo!

Of course when we arrived, I pulled out my camera and realized I had left my SD card in my computer at home. I have a back up card in my purse only I left my purse at home that day too and just put my wallet in the diaper bag.  Yeah, mistake not to be made again...back up SD card now lives in the camera bag.  Did you know they sell SD cards at the zoo? Yeah, lucky. Only it was $25 for a 2GB card and I cringed, but the thought of no real camera pics made me sicker.  So, Lily's souvenir for her 1st trip to the zoo was the photos on a super expensive memory card. womp womp womp

10 kids, 5 moms and everyone else in Pittsburgh. ;)

Forget the animals, Lily wanted to check out her friend Lily "seepin".

   We stopped at the tiger exhibit and I got Lily out of her stroller to look at them. She kept saying "kitty! eye-ow" I'm not quite sure why she says, "eye-ow" instead of "meow", but that is definitely what a kitty says in her world.                                                         I didn't keep her out of the stroller for long because Lily's favorite thing to do is "run! run!" and trying to navigate a busy zoo, a running toddler and a stroller wasn't super easy. So, she made it out for a few exhibits so I could hold her and the rest she viewed from the comfort of her ride.

Keeping her satisfied with yummy snacks was helpful.

The babes, plus a helpful big brother.

We moved along to see more animals while Lily blew spit bubbles at them.

Babes checking things out in their own ways.

Lily loved Dylan and he was so good with her playing with her and making her laugh! So much so that she wanted to give him kisses. He must have been ok with it because he invited her over to see his room and play with his baby sister's toys. haha

We stopped and had some lunch and rested a bit before moving into the aquarium.  Lily loves fish, so she was pretty excited about them!

{you can see her reflection in the glass}

I was excited to see the polar bears, but was surprised one was right up against the glass!

After 4 hours, the hot sun and no nap, Lily was worn out...

Time to go home, Mama!


  1. That $25 was worth it! Such cute pictures. I love the tiger picture and the last one! She is too cute!

  2. Im sad we missed out (next time) & I agree w Stef, def worth the $25...pics are so cute...I love the one w. her and Dylan

  3. She looks like she had a blast at the zoo! And she seemed to be in a good mood (from the pictures) for no nap! Yippee!