Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My 6th Grader Graduates

This last day of school was very bittersweet for me. My first baby graduating from 6th grade. Honestly, I just can't imagine how this is possible. Time goes way too quickly. 

He just started kindergarten it seems and here he is now...a young man getting ready to go to junior high. If I'm being honest, the pushing away from "needing" me the same as he has has been a little hard from me. Finding the right balance between holding on and responsible freedom is tough.

1st day of kindergarten~Aug, 2005

During a conversation recently, my mom said to me, "You have high expectations for Andrew."  I replied, "I always have." 

Now, the key is finding a way to allow him the freedom with accountability.  I jokingly say to him sometimes, "With great power comes great responsibility."  with his power being freedom.  See, this was a kid who loved Spiderman so much he'd just wear his costume, mask and all, to sit to watch tv or chase the ice cream man down the street.

This year he learned the value of homework and balancing school and friends. He learned how to stand up for himself with a bully and appropriately handle himself with difficult situations with peers.

6th grade was a big growing year.

For both of us.

Since he was in preschool, we have always signed "I love you" right before he leaves.
I can honestly only think of a couple times in all those years, he's forgotten. He actually asked me to take a picture of it this day. ♥  I love that he's never embarrassed to give me a kiss before he gets out of the car or sign "I love you" before he heads in the building.

In our elementary school, they hold a 6th grade graduation ceremony for families to attend. Reagan was able to be there during the school day as well which we were happy about.

They presented awards and certificates to the students as well as a video of the students set to music. Of all the kids in 6th grade, Andrew's was the only Halloween picture in there! I, of course, cried a lot. Tears started as soon as the 5th grade band began playing Pomp and Circumstance...

Andrew getting his promotion to jr high certificate

I really like that in this school, the 5th and 6th grade teams split the kids into groups and the kids see all 3 teachers for different subjects. They have one main teacher i.e. their homeroom teacher, but see the others as well.  It's a great way to introduce the junior high changing of classes.

Andrew and Mrs. G, his main teacher

Mrs. R

 Mrs. P

Andrew's dad and stepmom drove up from Nashville to be here for him too.  We headed to lunch after the graduation ceremony. All of us~George, Andrew, Lily, Reagan, Andrew's dad, stepmom and myself. Reag was allowed an excused early release from school to go and her mom agreed to pick her up at our house instead of after school.

Lily was in the most foul mood that she's probably ever been that day. {of course}

After lunch, he was heading back to Tennessee with his dad for some time together, so we snapped a few more pictures, said goodbye and just like that, 6th grade was over and Andrew was off for his summer adventures.

We are so proud of you, Andrew!

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