Friday, November 4, 2011

Parade Time

Andrew and Reagan had a Halloween parade at school on Monday.  We're so lucky to be in a school that still celebrates Halloween and being a kid in so many ways!  This year with Andrew being in 6th grade this was his last hoorah before heading to junior high next year, so he wanted to be something "good" that not everyone would be.  He was right.

There were lots of the guys from Scream, witches and werewolves. A few sumo wrestlers, Strawberry Shortcakes, crayons, a Scarlett from Gone with the Wind, a washing machine, a Burger King King and a myriad of other cuties. 
There was only ONE Andrew:
Ta da!!!  He just wanted to be the plain and simple Lego guy. :)  I LOVE it!
Reagan was a girl werewolf, but said most people thought she was a cat:

She literally ran right past us, so that was the only picture I got of her, unfortunately.

I couldn't stop laughing at the lego guy...

We dressed Lily in her daisy costume to go watch her brother and sister too:
It was cute to hear all the older girls in the parade, "Oh look at the flower, she's so cute!"

Lily just kept saying, "hi hi hi hi hi hi" as everyone walked by.

The parade was fun!  And after the snow on Saturday, we were happy it had warmed up a little bit too! It was clear and sunny!

I had to deliver Andrew's costume to him at school before the parade rather than him carry it in to school that morning...and well since it wasn't complete yet when he left for school!  I'll do a construction post all about it.

Happy school parade!

Here are some of the other kids' costumes I liked:


  1. that is such a great idea..

    and OMG...lily's flower is so so so cute!!!

  2. i don't remember ever doing a halloween parade when i was growing up. how fun! the lego guy costume was such a fabulous idea. he was definitely a hit! and lily...cutest flower ever!

  3. I loved Andrew's costume, and Lily is an adorable flower!