Saturday, November 5, 2011

Here Kitty, Kitty

Way back in August, we were at Costco and found this adorable kitty costume. George and I both thought it was so cute and decided to get it and then decide for sure what she would be for Halloween.
After I finally tried it on her at the beginning of October, we knew Lily the Kitty would be trick-or-treating.

We have a few elderly neighbors who were looking forward to seeing the kids on Halloween, but due to the weather and events on Halloween night, we just didn't get to their houses. 
So, a couple days after Halloween, it warmed up and we had a sunny day where we re-dressed up the kids and headed to a few houses. Plus, I hadn't gotten any pictures of all of the kids together, so I needed to do that too.


  1. Yay for Andrew's costume. You guys really did an AWESOME job with it! Little Lily looks adorable as a kitty and Regean looks really grown up!

  2. So. Incredibly. Adorable. Love it!!