Monday, November 14, 2011

Mish Mash Monday

The rainy, cloudy weather is doing NOTHING for my motivation, or lack there of, today.  One plus, it's warm for mid November in Pittsburgh.  65 degrees.  Yes, thank you, I'll take it.

We had a great home.  Lots of working around the house yesterday and movies Saturday.

Andrew spent the night at a friend's house Friday night, so it was just our party of 3 --G, Lily and me.

I have a daredevil kid.  She's 15 months old. I did not have a daredevil the first time. This is so new to me. And somewhat scary.

Lily took a tumble Friday morning and ended up with some more bumps and bruises. I, on the other hand, nearly had a heart attack, screamed out loud and still 3 days later feel sick to my stomach about it.  She's going to be the death of me!

She also had a red mark on her nose too. :(   This one warranted a call to the pediatrician just to be safe.  No worries, though because in true daredevil fashion...she was her typical self right after.  She actually cried harder last week with the kaboom, even though this fall was worse. 

She's a pistol! But apparently nothing slows her down at all.

Our party of 3 consisted of watching Jeopardy (Yes, Lily likes Jeopardy too) hanging out and going to bed early.  It was nice!

Saturday, after Andrew came home from his friend's, we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 in order to refresh before our viewing of Part 2 that night.  This is how Andrew watched Part 1. ;) 
I guess that's what happens when you stay up all night with your buddy.

Seriously, watching Part 2 with my husband was painful.  He has not read the books and it's been too long since he'd watched all the previous movies.  THE QUESTIONS, Oh my gosh the questions he asked while the movie was on!! I just wanted to watch it, feel my sadness at the series ending and enjoy the movie.  He finally let me have my peaceful viewing and I just made him pause it if he had questions.

Sunday, we took advantage of the not having anywhere to be weekend, relaxed in the morning and then did some work around the house.

Lily has been working on using a fork. Clearly it's going well as it rests in her other hand.

I decided to declutter our bedroom and rearrange to move our bed to an inside wall of the room away from the windows. As I was working in the bedroom, George and Andrew worked outside. Lily took a marathon 3 1/2 hour nap, so it was a productive day for all of us. 

I started feeling badly late afternoon and figured out quickly what was going on with me. Let me tell you for the record, I now swear by the baking soda/water to rid the onset of a uti.   I drank it again this morning amidst the water and cranberry juice and I think I have flushed my system of all its wrong. ha

While I was at the store to get cranberry juice, I had this sudden craving for German chocolate cake --my favorite! So, I came home and baked a cake.  George thought it was pretty random. Lily helped him lick the beaters and ended up with half a mustache for Movember.  (it was hard to catch her to get a picture since all she wants to do is walk)

The cake was yummy by the way! And by the time I went to bed, I felt a thousand times better!  Now to finish the laundry. yeah right.


  1. what adorable leg warmers!!! and holy cow, lily is a complete pistol. she definitely keeps you on your toes. thanks for the baking soda and water idea for UTI's. sadly, i get them all the time. whoops...tmi!

  2. How funny that you just mix baking soda with water, as I use Alka Seltzer for UTI. (Main ingredient: sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), aspirin, and citric acid.

    Excellent idea, and cheaper!

    Love Lily's stache, and don't worry about the bumps and bruises... part of being a kid. She's a tough cookie!


  3. Aww...poor Lily, I am glad she is okay. I am scared for our daughters to meet because V may be a mini-me of Lily. She is into everything and not afraid of anything. I love the baby leggings, you reminded me, I need to bust out the 2 new pairs I bought. I am glad you are feeling better, I can't believe you drink baking soda...bleh. (I will have to keep that in mind, though)

  4. When my boy was 2 he broke his right femur bone & had some scrapes & bruises already from our vacation the previous week. The nurse in the ER gave me quite the look when I told her they weren't from the same accident! :/

    Glad you're feeling better!! Despite having to drink that. Yuck! :) But I think it was the cake that did it. Just sayin......

  5. Awe! Such cute pictures. Love the leg warmers. & Omgsh, she reminds me of my oldest, she always bruises til she was like 3 years old. haha. she still gets them on her legs sometimes. haha. keeps you on your toes im sure! Glad you're feeling better.

  6. She is such a cute, little thing! And, obviously, rough and tumble. She's going to keep you on your toes!