Thursday, November 3, 2011

Haunted House

Sunday evening, Andrew volunteered with Scouts selling hot dogs and hot chocolate at a local family friendly haunted house. George, Lily and I met him at the end of his shift to go through the house too.  Since we'd had the snow the day before it was still pretty chilly.  Not terribly, but still cold enough.

This family decorates their house and does this haunted house around their front and back yards and to go through people either donate food or money to the local food bank. They had a couple fire pits set outside in the cul-de-sac where they live, the Scouts selling. Despite it being chilly, the had a pretty good turnout from what I could tell.  We spoke with the man whose house it is and he said they start working on it October 1st. It was open for two nights this year: the 30th & 31st.

We dressed Lily in her daisy costume (one of her costumes) to go! She wasn't quite sure what to think about it. haha

There were kids dressed up as werewolves, things popping up and out at you. Lily wasn't phased by ANY of it. She said, "hi hi hi hi" to the werewolf that walked up to us. 

Her favorite part was the chocolate she got at the end... until she was over having her picture taken.

It was past her bedtime after all.

Andrew had a good time working and then going through the house about a dozen times with his buddies and with us too. love that kid! It was a fun night!

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  1. Oh Stef Lily looks adorable in that flower costume!