Monday, November 7, 2011


Friday night started off with a bang.  Literally.

Lily and I were hanging out in my bed early evening watching Yo Gabba Gabba. I was tired and wanted to stretch out and she was in a crankypants, post afternoon nap, too early for bed witching hour mood.  Daddy came in to talk with us and picked her up, played with her like they normally do--the ka-booming her on to the bed that she loves. She makes "boy" noises to get him to play and do it.  "Boy noises" like crashing sounds. It's hysterical.

Welp, when they were done, he headed upstairs and she was still in hyper mode and decided to try to kaboom herself.  Unfortunately she did it too quickly and I was unprepared. She stood up on the bed and as I reached to grab her, she kaboomed (trying to fall onto her bum on the bed) herself right off the bed onto the floor, missing the bed entirely.  I'm sure it was super scary to fall that far after thinking she was going to just kaboom onto her butt on the bed!  She's fallen off the bed before, sadly. :(

In her kaboom all the way to the floor, she hit her face near her eye on the corner of the nightstand!  (I will say we are SO lucky that she missed her eye because it was soooo close to her actual eye & the corner is sharp.)  That makes my stomach hurt thinking about it even now. :(

There were a lot of tears, that scary beginning of a scream where they hold their breath, and a lot of loud crying.  It was pretty awful.  In addition to the screaming and crying from her fall, there was much more because of us trying to put ice on her face.  She was NOT happy about that at all.  So, after the sobbing and trying to catch her breath was done, she just wanted to sit and watch her show.

It did bruise a little bit, but I was sure she was going to have a terrible black eye and we were SOOOO lucky it didn't turn super black and blue.  Just a slight bruise the next morning.

She's one tough little girl.


  1. awwww poor girl :-( my heart dropped to my stomach reading this....I always get scared of this kind of thing

  2. The great thing about kids is that they are like rubber-bands, and Lily is no exception. She cried (more than likely because it was more scary than painful) and she just wanted to finish watching her show.

    I love the 'Future Rock Star' t-shirt on the next morning! She is definitely one tough girl, and I'm glad she's okay.

    It probably scared you more than her, and I know that feeling. I've been nannying kids for the last 5 years and I've had my share of heart attack falls and tumbles.