Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Are You There? It's Me

I didn't fall off the face of the earth. No really, I didn't.

It's just been a whirlwind of a week basically.

I had mentioned that we had crazytown going on the last time I blogged, you know, more than a week ago. ha! Thanks for the comments and letting me know I'm not alone! I really appreciate it!

Some things I need and want to get caught up on blogging:  our playdate, Halloween costume construction, Halloween parade and trick-or-treating, Lily walking, 15 month post and some everyday life stuff.

This week we have Lily's 15 month well visit, which I always look forward to knowing her stats and adding pictures to her growth timeline.

I cannot believe it is NOVEMBER already!! Seriously this year has just flown by. It's Andrew's birth month and I think I'm in shock that I am soon to have a twelve year old. TWELVE.  He told me the other day he's only about 4 years from driving and 6 years from college. I almost died!  Thinking about it in reverse for perspective...6 years ago he was in kindergarten and 4 years ago we moved here.  It goes TOOOOO fast.

This upcoming month only gets crazier.

Andrew & George have an upcoming Scout camping trip they're both excited about. They've already started working on their skit for it! I'll make sure to video them beforehand because it's pretty funny. They actually still sing one kid's song from last year all the time.

The kids have conferences next week at school, Lily has another playdate (not at our house) and the holiday shop at school (super early this year) is being held during conference days.

Did I mention with the costume construction, my house is a disaster?  Yeah, so that needs put back together too.

Today's events include grocery shopping and laundry before the rest of the fam gets home, finishing up the chore charts for the older two and finding a place for Lily's books in the livingroom that is accessible to her, but not all over the livingroom floor. ha

I was glad Parenthood was back last night too.  That's my comfort tv.  LOVE that show!

I need to go buy Lily some socks today too.

How's that for random?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Crazytown... definitely! Enjoy it though... as Andrew pointed out time will go too fast!

  2. Did you receive my email regarding winning iParent? I haven't heard back with your mailing information. I am going to mail them out today :)

  3. Yay for playdates ;)
    I am tired from reading this and its about the same in our house. We are eating lunch and then gotta finish the clean up and get a shower. Dom had a Dr apt! Then back home to tackle the bedrooms. Ah the never ending cycle of clean, kids, work, cook....lather rinse repeat ;)
    Oh Charlie needs socks too!

  4. I cannot believe that little one is already 15 months old! How time flies! (I'm going to ignore the fact that I am aging right along with her, if that's ok...) Love to you! xoxo

  5. I didn't fall off either! Having my office painted threw me off! And all this STUFF I have to deal with.

    Also, OMG she's walking??? Can't wait to see this!!

    I do the same time thing with my boy. In another 9 short years, he'll be 18. Holy Moses!


  6. Awww yay for walking!!

    Im excited for playdate next week!