Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Night

Well, we had snow, sun, some wind, so it would only be fitting that it would start raining in time for trick-or-treating, just to ensure all our weather was covered.

After the parade at school where the weather was good, it started sprinkling late afternoon, of course.

Trick-or-treating in Pittsburgh is different than how I grew up.  There are designated times for trick-or-treaters. Our township was from 6:00pm-8:00pm.  We live in a neighborhood of 2 streets where the majority of our neighbors are elderly. We have 3 of the approximately 6 kids in the neighborhood.  So, last year we  headed to the neighborhood that borders ours. That was our plan this year too.  

The battery in our car died.

Seriously.  It was raining, cold and now we have a dead battery.

New plan.  We decided to head over to our family friends' house that was on our agenda anyway, but that just became our only plan.  That way we could get our car jumped if needed to come home. 

Andrew's costume had to go in the trunk due to the body being so big.  Well, of course, randomly the trunk wouldn't close. Not because of anything in its way, but rather something was wrong with the latch. Seriously. Rain, dead battery, trunk malfunction. Oh and at this point we were running late.

We had planned to stop by the outlaws' house to show them the kids in their costumes.  After the rain, a dead battery that we jumped, running late and a broken trunk my husband managed to get closed, when we got to the outlaws' house, George couldn't get the trunk OPEN to get Andrew's costume out. Seriously?!

That shortened our outlaw visit, since we left the car running anyway and finally we were off to our family friends' house to get some trick-or-treating in and to get the trunk open for Andrew's costume. Sheesh. Stress level rising...

Andrew said, "This is the worst Halloween ever."

Our family friends are our family: my "stand-in" parents I've mentioned before. My kids adore them and the feeling is mutual.  So, Pappy came out to help George with the trunk while Andrew headed in and told Granny this was the worst Halloween ever. ;)  

My favorite line of the night came next, as Pappy said, "Did you try the key?" 

In the 5 years I've had the car, I don't think I've ever used the key in my trunk! George said, "There's not a place for the key."  It isn't on the trunk part that opens, but rather lower on the car and near the bumper. And ta da! It opened the trunk. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Costume disaster resolved. Thanks, Pappy!

Finally, we can get this show on the road! George headed to get a new battery for the car and the kids were finally ready to trick-or-treat!

Lego guy. Check.  Lily the kitty. Check.

Reagan had decided after everyone at school thought she was a cat, that she just wanted a cat face painted on her face, so she called herself a werecat. :) 

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