Monday, November 21, 2011

Internal Health

I've been thinking about a few things to improve my health lately.  Both physically and emotionally.
(there's nothing wrong other than self-improvement)

It's no secret that life with a crazy ex-girlfriend (whom my husband has to deal with), affects my emotional health. 

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been passionate about literature, literacy, music, expression, writing. Writing has been an invaluable asset for me in dealing with my emotions--my first heart break, the demise of my marriage, the death of my father, the birth of my son, my son's growth, my miscarriage,  dropping out of college, my return to college....well, you get the idea.  Writing has always been consistent for me.

I've, therefore, learned that if I don't release many of the emotions in writing, they stay and foster.  Anger primarily.  I don't vent about the bullshit with my stepdaughter's mother to my husband because we have agreed she is not allowed in our home.  We talk about the business and logistics, but the rest of it, we choose not to. There's been too much time, energy and effort exhausted dealing with the crazy and we don't want anymore than we have to.  As a result, I vent with my best friends, to my mother, my Pittsburgh parents and I write.  I'm not willing to live in anger, so I need outlets to release it.

The last few weeks there has been a whole lot of bullshit in this situation.  So, rather than it consuming every day blog posts, I'm thinking about starting a weekly post about stepfamily life--good, bad and ugly.  I want an outlet--MY outlet--but not to be consumed by it even on my blog.  

That's the plan.

I am a:

The 2nd part of my getting healthy is not something I'm ready to reveal completely, but will very soon.  It's been stirring in me for the better part of the last couple months and I've been researching a lot.  I have the full support of my husband and will begin my journey tomorrow! (not the ever elusive "tomorrow"), but truly tomorrow.   I've been inspired by a lot of people and after reading and learning more about the person who it is honoring, I'm convinced this is what I need to do.

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  1. I am with you for the getting healthy. I just wrote today about how stressed I am from all the things. Felt better after. I need an outlet too...I have to have the energy to do it. When I do, the me will be back! Good for you in what you are doing too. And I dont even know what it is yet. I just know you as a person are so nice and that whatever you do, you will succeed. Best of luck. Hugs from my family to yours!