Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Early Snowy Saturday

This year's Halloween was a weird one.  We had snow on Saturday before.  Yep, snow. 
It actually snowed most of the morning.  This picture was REALLY early because we ended up with huge flakes falling and lots of snow cover.  The kids snuggled on the couch staying warm while watching their morning shows. 

This was a perfect day for construction of Andrew's costume since we were staying home. :)

Lily thought we should bake. She loves to shake the sprinkles!

It was also Arizona State's homecoming, so the kids were sure to don their ASU gear! Lily's shirt is actually Andrew's from the year 2000, when he was one. I so love that! :)

The costume construction was well underway on a snowy Saturday. We stayed home, had a fire and the kids enjoyed a Halloween treat from Great Aunt Pam!
Lily trying to figure out what it is.
Andrew helping her out. :)

Thanks, Aunt Pam!


  1. okay, okay, you have tweeted and blogged about the HALLOWEEN COSTUME...out with the pictures, I am dying to see it!!

  2. I am with Amy, cant wait to see Andrews costume. But yay for a stay at home Saturday :)