Friday, November 11, 2011

Busy Week & New Glasses

Yesterday my computer had some crazy stuff going on. I think it was a virus or something. My husband was able to get it fixed up and squared away, thankfully.  I had emails I needed and wanted to reply to, some blog posts to write and some research to do, but it all had to wait.  I'm still having trouble with a photo program and it's driving me crazy, but he says he can fix it, however he said "Do not mess with it. I not mess with it." ha  He knows my impatience with it.


This week flew by since it was busy and thus starts hectic life for the next few weeks all over again. 

Andrew and Reagan  were off school on Monday and Tuesday.  When there's no school on Mondays and Fridays, Reag is at BM's house, so we were all happy she was here Tuesday since we have only a couple non-school days that are not Mondays or Fridays.  We had parent-teacher conferences on Monday for both of them.

I LOVE Andrew's teachers! 6th grade is tougher than previous years i.e. he actually has to work harder and the As don't come as easily for him.  There are three 6th grade classes and they split all the kids into high, middle, low groups and rotate to all 3 teachers for different subjects.  They did it in 5th grade too, so he's used to it and it seems to work for all the students for their needs to be met.  We're happy with it and it's been good for Andrew, they all think he's a good kid--they just wish he'd volunteer to participate more.  Plus, it's a good practice for when he goes to junior high next year. OHMYGOODNESSSSSSS junior high! Too fast.

Reagan is doing well in school also and her teacher said she has transitioned to her new school fabulously! We hope she continues doing as well the rest of the school year and fully expect that to be the case.  Her teacher has shared with us many times that she thinks Reag could run the class. :)

On Tuesday after we picked Reagan up at BM's, we headed to the Holiday Shop at school for the olders to do their Christmas shopping.  I cracked up that both Andrew and Reagan independently picked out the same thing for George.  

We also did some raking of the billions of leaves in our yard. We knew we were in for only a couple more really good fall days before the weather turned cold...again, so we wanted to make sure we got them cleaned up and just did it all together. Lily just practiced walking back and forth and had zero interest in being held or helped. Yes, my girls are doing yard work in skirts. :) 

Having grown up in Arizona with no leaves, I don't mind raking them either. It was a nice afternoon with beautiful weather and fun for the 5 of us to hang out not trying to cram typical school day responsibilities into and still have some leftover family time. We had an enjoyable day finished off by supper and playing Uno before the kids went to bed.

Reagan also had an eye doctor appointment this week since we got notice she didn't pass the school vision screening.  I forgot my camera, so I only got cell phone pics of her visit. :(  She thought the sunglasses they gave her to wear since her eyes were dilated were fun and kept cracking up at herself in the mirror.  The funniest part while we waited was when she said, "I hope we make it back to school for lunch. We're having a really good chicken sandwich today."  ha!  We made it just in time. 
We found out she's near sighted and definitely needs glasses.  She was super excited to pick out glasses when she found out she needed them! We waited until the next day for her to pick out frames so she could see better after her eyes were dilated and because she wanted her dad to be there.  She can't wait for them to come in.  When she came home from school, she said she'd told her friends she needs glasses and couldn't wait to pick them out too!

She's a lucky kid because quite honestly, she looked good in every pair of glasses she put on. Obviously some were better than others, but we told her to pick what she liked, what she felt comfortable wearing.  She tried them all on and then started narrowing down.

Her final choice:

After picking out glasses, last night we ended our week with a family movie night of Cars 2.  We're looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

*I've begun watermarking particular pictures as I have had several ip addresses downloading photographs of Reagan recently.


  1. 1) I want to jump in the leaves!
    2) You forgot your camera?!?
    3) Reag does look good in all the glasses! I really like her final choice though. Good job Reagan!

  2. Reag looks great in her glasses! OMG Lily walking is adorable. LOL to both picking the same gift!