Thursday, October 10, 2013

39 weeks~ baby i2

Date:  October 10, 2013

How far along: 39 weeks--5 days longer than I have ever been pregnant!
And officially at the point where people ask me if it's time when I call...

Total Weight Gained:  One more gained for a total of 9lbs.

How big is baby? "Your baby's the size of a watermelon!
Baby keeps growing, despite being so crowded in there. He probably weighs around 6.2 to 9.2 pounds and measures about 18.9 to 20.9 inches.
**taken from The Bump

How baby is growing:
  • probably able to flex her limbs now.
  • brain is still rapidly developing -- she's getting smarter by the week!
  • nails may extend past her fingertips.
  • **taken from The Bump
    Maternity Clothes:  For certain.  Although I can still wear some yoga/comfy non maternity pants.

    Sleep: My hips hurt when sleeping at night and I am oh so tired all the time.  I've enjoyed naps a lot.

    Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: Making it to my longest point in pregnancy ever? haha

    Movement:   It's slowed down some although pretty consistent movement that's visible from the outside. She is very active between 10pm and 11:30pm everyday.

    Food Cravings:  frozen coke, ice cold water (like half frozen), chocolate, salad, cereal, strawberry yogurt. I had a random grocery store run today that consisted of needing chips and salsa, oreos, and bacon.

    Food Aversions: Mostly seeing pictures of people's food on social media makes me want to puke!

    Gender:  our second precious baby girl

    Symptoms:  My hips have been hurting while sleeping, irritability has returned, exhaustion and tmi but the worst thing has been the hemorrhoids.  I'd much rather have the carpal tunnel syndrome of my pregnancy with Lily than that.  Dyyyyyyyying!

    What I miss:  Not feeling rageful at stupid stuff ;) 

    What I'm looking forward to: Holding a new little baby again, enjoying the Fall season with my family

    **Weekly appointment:  heartbeat was 142,  bp 118/80, cervix dilated to 1, 70% effaced.

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