Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Steph Snippets

Some random things that have been going on aside from pregnancy updates:

~Andrew got his cast off this week!  He's got 2 more weeks until he goes back to the doc and hopefully will be completely released back to normal life!  It was super stinky and filthy!  He'll be in a brace until we go back, but he's happy with that.  What a trooper!


~When we went to the doctor that day, we had an interesting encounter with some random lady.  She stopped to turn left into the parking lot in a place where the concrete is angled for right turners only and a big "Do Not Enter" sign is posted.  She suddenly stopped to turn. No signal and obviously the wrong way. I honked at her and continued on to the place to turn in to the parking lot.  I ended up in a spot before she did and she pulled up behind my car and yelled out her window, "Who are YOU to beep at me like that?! You are NOT the police!"  I just said, "You were going the wrong way and I nearly hit you." 

Her {still screaming}: "How do you know that one of my kids (3 and 5 in back seat with window down) didn't have an emergency!?!"
Me: "Well, then you wouldn't have been turning into the medical building parking lot, but going up to the emergency room where you're supposed to turn."
Her {still screaming}:  "YOU'RE A BITCH!"
Me: "Way to teach your kids class."
Her {still screaming} "YEAH! YOUR KID IS RIGHT THERE!"
Then screamed at Andrew: "YOUR MOM IS A BITCH!!"

I laughed, said "Wow," and into the office we went. 

Good thing she didn't catch me last week when I was totally pregnant hormonally raging! ;)

~I have a lot to catch up on with Lily... preschool and new glasses.  That will happen soon enough!

~I've got a tutorial post coming up about Lily's Halloween costume {and the baby's too} that I'm excited about as well as a couple giveaways to get posted!

~Marching band has been in full force this fall and Andrew is loving it! I feel like a taxi most days.

~Hockey season has begun for the Penguins, the Pirates are in the playoffs for the 1st time in 21 years {that's since my husband graduated from high school}, and there's a 40ft rubber duck on the river in downtown Pittsburgh. 

~George has finally taken his hunting desire seriously after a couple years of talking about it. I love a man's man.  So, he's been peacefully enjoying the woods and learning about his new craft.

~Lily and Daddy had a fishing date recently and it ended with sitting around a fire at home roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.  She loves her time with him and has been enjoying one-on-one time with each of us before the baby arrives.   She cracks us up every single day. So glad she's us and ours.

~Andrew's dad crocheted the CA-UTEST gift for Lily from Daniel Tiger's neighborhood and a sweet little pumpkin hat for the baby...although I think the hat will be too teeny, I love it!  I also truly and genuinely appreciate the relationship we have. I hope Andrew does too. He and his wife just celebrated their 1st anniversary.  They're truly a good match. I'm glad he's happy.

~I haven't seen my friends and their kids in like a month.  Life got crazy for all of us when school started.  I miss them. 

~I'm loving this new season of tv shows!  Currently watching/recording some newbies: Hostages, The Blacklist, The Goldbergs, The Michael J. Fox Show.  And some oldies: Chicago Fire, Revenge, Parenthood, The Voice, Law & Order SVU, Nashville, 2 Broke Girls, and The Good Wife.   We have to remedy something about Homeland to get that without paying for Showtime because that's one of our faves, but so far we haven't watched this season.    So far we are loving The Michael J. Fox Show and The Goldbergs! I love the others, but I watch them on my own.

That's all for now!  Lots to do and lots to catch up on here!  ... p.s. I still need to pack my hospital bag.


  1. Yay for campfires in the backyard, now THAT is my kind of camping!! I wanna see the DT gift!!! Did you see that new show Peg & Cat? Interesting name...and Yay for no more cast!!!!

  2. love Steph snippets!!! I agree w. Amy..that's my kind of camping too!! I love Daddy/Daughter time...its the sweetest!!!

    I bet Andrew is so glad to have that cast off.

    I have hostages on DVR I still need to watch that!!!

    miss you girls....hope to see you soon!