Saturday, October 19, 2013

40 weeks ~ baby i2

Date:  October 17, 2013~~ Yeah, my due date.  **This post was written after midnight on 10/17/13...little did I know how the day would turn out. :)

How far along:40 weeks. WHAT?!?!

Total Weight Gained:  No gain this week for total:  9lbs.

How big is baby? What the hell is a jackfruit?  Baby is the size of a baby! haha
"Your baby's the size of a jackfruit!
In month nine, the average fetus is about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds and measures about 18.9 to 20.19 inches (wow!)." 
**taken from The Bump

How baby is growing:
  •  continuing to grow hair and nails.
  •  keeping up that lung development, too
**taken from The Bump 
Maternity Clothes:  Is there anything that fits, period?

Sleep: I've been waking up after 3 hour increments and can't go back to sleep until a couple hours later.  Could be pregnancy related or the bear who snores sleeps next to me.  Think a pillow over the face will help?

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week:  Just trying to be patient. :)

Movement:   It's slowed down a lot, but she still lets me know.

Food Cravings:  frozen coke, ice cold water (like half frozen), chocolate, taco salad, Captain Crunch, cake, milk,

Food Aversions:  Not really anything.

Gender:  our second precious baby girl

Symptoms:  My hips have been hurting while sleeping, irritability has returned, exhaustion and insomnia

What I miss:  Already having a baby to hold! Having never been this pregnant before, it's crazy to think at this point I'd already had 2 and 3 week olds with Andrew and Lily by this point.  

What I'm looking forward to: Holding a new little baby again, hoping I don't miss out on Halloween with my kids!

**Weekly appointment on 10/15:  heartbeat was 160,  bp 120/78, cervix dilated to 2, 70% effaced.  I have another appointment scheduled for tomorrow to check and talk about possible induction date. Although they said as long as my blood pressure stays good, they'll let me go a week to 10 days over. ugh! We'll see what happens.


  1. Yay for a healthy baby arriving on her due date and in the hospital!
    Question: What in the world is that fruit you have pictured?!

  2. Yay for baby day! On your due date is awesome, not many kiddos come on that day.

    So glad I got to meet sweet V!