Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Did Someone Order a Baby?

After the 4th morning of waking up without having started my period, I decided today was the day. Test day.

The last couple mornings I have woken up and my boobs have been sore too, but then I second guess myself and I think maybe I'm just imagining that they are!

Off to take A to school, G out the door with R to school and then I decided I will stop at Rite-Aid for a pregnancy test.

Test purchased. In hand. Return home to see what it brings. (See this is part of my plan, really --take a pregnancy test NOT first thing in the morning and see if it shows up positive even later in the day, then I will know without a doubt!)

Sure enough, a BIG FAT POSITIVE! I was sooooooo excited! And with an empty house, the ability to scream out loud about it! Y-I-P-P-E-E!!!!!!!!

I then had to get ready for work and get G to come see me so I could tell him in person this time! ♥

A couple days ago, we were having a conversation about marriage and relationships--straight and gay --with A, the just turned 10 year old because of some questions he asked.  It was a really interesting conversation and I was surprised to learn he already has some opinions. G and I made sure that what he believed was factual information first of all and then shared with him some things about privacy as well.  G said to him that what happens in people's private lives isn't something we should be concerned about, but rather how people treat others, how they act and behave. Then, of course, he added a humorous element "Besides, people's private bedrooms are where babies are ordered! Isn't that right, Mama?" I couldn't help but laugh about "ordering" a baby!

Fast forward back to now... a baby order form is the PERFECT way to tell G we're pregnant!  I created my order form on my computer and off to work I went --excited and so ready for the next few hours to pass until I'd see him!

He called me after R was done with school and they were on their way home and I asked him to stop in and see me first. He asked why I wanted him to because, normally they just do stop and I don't specifically ask. So, his suspicions were aroused... I just said, "I have something that I want to give you and I don't want it to wait until tonight."

The thing about my fiancé, he's VERY difficult to surprise, so I know he already figured something was up, but he came in to see me, kissed me, asked what I had for him that couldn't wait and I handed him this:

He was REALLY excited!! He said, "Really??????" Smiling from ear to ear and then said, "I knew it!"

Yay! Yay! Yay!

We're having a baby!!!

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