Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Brief Explanation

Thanks for following along on our now not-as-public journey!  Also, I will no longer show up in your reader etc. You'll just have to check in when you feel like it. :) 

I also wanted to say, I'm ok about going private...really.  I appreciate the sentiments from folks who have walked beside, in the trenches and held me up in the last nearly 4 years of the crap Reag's mother has put us all through. But, as I said, I'm peaceful about my life.

It just makes it more annoying for people who want to read and for that I feel badly.  For myself, I'm ok with it. I like to write, will continue to do so and if I'm ultimately the only one reading, then that's ok with me too.

I recognize that no matter what path I take, Reagan's mother is going to create havoc for Reagan

For example, when Reagan called last night, I answered the phone. We talked for a few minutes about school that day, the snow and then I gave the phone to George.  While she was on the phone with her dad, her mother said to her "You're not allowed to talk to that fat fucking cow."  Ummm, yeah.  Ok, 'cause that hurts ME??  But precisely my point, Reagan is the one who is constantly hurt.  And you can't reason with crazy.

So, basically I will not give her any additional ammunition by the ability to read my blog to hurt my stepdaughter with.  It's really that simple a reason for my operation private. :)

Now, moving on to getting back to updates about my family soon!  Today's a snow day, so all the kids are home and they've kind of encroached on my alone time during the day haha. :)


  1. Clap Clap dude. That's all's I gots to say

  2. LOL! JG cracks me up.
    Okay, can I tell you how evil this so called "mother" of Reag's is? How dare she talk that way in front of her child! How dare she talk that way about you! I am SO glad you went private.