Friday, January 14, 2011

Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance

We got quite a bit of snow this week...nothing like last year, but still about 5 or so inches overnight. The kids had a snow day on Wednesday and a 2 hour delay yesterday.

I let Andrew and Reagan sleep in from their usual 7:30am to get up for school until 8:30am when they woke up afraid I had overslept. HAHA! I guess they forgot my Lily alarm clock gets up at 7:30am everyday regardless. :)

I made them oatmeal for breakfast to warm them up and then decided we'd do the dishes in the morning instead of after school. They weren't wild about that, but grateful after school when their chores had already been completed. :)

One of Andrew's responsibilities is sweeping the snow off the porch and the walkway and salting. I guess he decided that simply walking to do it wasn't enough...

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