Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday Odds & Ends


I think this is the only picture we have of Lily's complete outfit from her party. The onesie and headband were custom made for us by one of my former colleagues in Arizona, Nicole at Ella Jo Customs. She also has left the classroom to stay home with her beautiful children and has a business creating beautiful items! The only other thing done was I had a local woman embroider " Lily " across the #1.  Here's a closeup of Nicole's work:

I'm a little overwhelmed with the 300 pictures from that day, so I'm going to put a couple different things together here and there. :)  So, there may just be random birthday photo posts in the future, but I want to cover gifts and the photo shoot for her invitation too. I'll get there.

A snippet of some of the candids from the day. ;)

I adore this picture!!!
Andrew is such a good big brother and he has completely embraced this more entertaining baby sister of his and she adores him right back! So lucky and it makes my heart just swell to watch them!
We didn't get one picture of all 3 of us looking at the same camera. :(
In the meantime, I've managed to get out of my funk and am totally enjoying Lily in her one year old self. She's been cracking us up with all of the new things she's been doing and "talking" too. I'm also working on a picture video from her first year. The music is making me tear up a lot though ;) 
Happy 1st birthday, baby girl!!


  1. I love seeing all these pictures!! Everything looked so cute...glad everything turned out great!!!

    I love seeing the pictures of Lily and Andrew....he looks like such a proud big brother

  2. So stinkin' cute. I may call you after operation I don't want to hate my house and ask for your help with decor!

  3. Great pictures Steph! What a fun idea with the frame! Andrew just oozes with his adoration of his lil sis!

  4. Two words.


    Ok maybe that was more than two.