Friday, July 15, 2011

Clappin' & Straw Drinkin'

Lily FINALLY learned how to clap on her own! yippee!

I say finally because all the other times, she'd just smile and laugh at us clapping and then helping her to clap too.  On Wednesday (the 13th), we played our morning game of pattycake where I held her hands to do it, then she sloppily smashed her own hands together as I said, "Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"  It. was. adorable.

The other thing she finally did confidently  on her own, this week, was drink from a straw. 

Sure, she's done it for awhile--accidently.  You know, she sucked and got a sip of something that startled her and then wouldn't do it again.

But, yesterday, when we had our Costco lunch...(after buying our last can of formula!) I gave her a sip of my drink and she drank. Not a whoops. I gave it to her again and sure enough...sucked it right up. What can I say? I'm a bad mama who enticed her baby to drink through a straw with Coca-Cola. ;)

I had to show Daddy at home...and man, that girl LOVES her daddy and anything he has. So, Dr. Pepper it was.
i love how cutie her face looks!


  1. sooo cute!!! she's totally loving that DP!!!

  2. What's with the hair? Let's get a picture with the hair down! Cause, the floor is gonna be wet!

  3. Oh and yay for clapping and straw drinking, sorry I was completely taken aback by the hair. Totally distracted.